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Hello! My name is Christian and I am the owner of Pic Castle, a free photo sharing/image hosting website. I have personally been coding and in the webmaster industry since 2005. We launched approx. 2 months ago and currently have 5,000+ photos (5.7GBs) hosted on our local hostgator servers.
Our domain is registered for years to come and we plan on sticking around for a while.

We are currently working on both android and iOS apps, as we are aware that not many people use computers to store their images. Our mobile web version works great, but we see the need to move to an app.

Our goal is to reach 50,000 photos by the end of 2019, and double the number each year thereafter. Through advertisement services, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, radio, word of mouth and TV... we believe this is achievable. Word of mouth is by far the best means of advertisement in my opinion. The other means mentioned are costly!

Many of the photos hosted are memes, personal family photos and NSFW images. We encourage anyone and everyone to register or simply just upload "1 photo... or a million!" as stated on our homepage.

We are backed by Cloudflare DDos protection. We have a valid SSL certificate as well.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks so much for your time.


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Very nice. looks like you have everything in order. Hit me up when you reach 100k to get a "Big Chevereto" tag on this thread. Best of lucks :)