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Hi all!

New chevereto user here! Have created 2 websites for simple and quick upload & sharing! I will now focus on SEO to get better rankings so suggestions would be open and welcome!'

Have planned to monetize the website via AdSense. I would therefore love your assistance in helping me with a few queries I had:

1) How can Ads be embedded within the site? I would like 1 Ad on the homepage, 1 on the uploader & 2 on the uploaded image!
2) How can Analytics code be added?
3) How can I change the website Title, Meta Tags & Description for the main English page along with translated pages for SEO purpose?

I am currently running a simple VPS setup along with CloudFlare. However by next month I plan on hosting the front end on a specific powerful server and all uploaded images on AWS or Google Cloud.

Any suggestions for a powerful and stable infrastructure would also be greatly appreciated!

Also, thanks to @Rodolfo for all his help with this project & the amazing script!

Hope to get your help!