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I recently took advantage of your free installation service after signing up with TMD Hosting. After the installation, I discovered that there was a max upload file size of 2 MB. I asked TMD Hosting to change the relevant php.ini settings, and they did so. The dashboard in Chevereto is now showing a max file size of 128 MB, however I'm still told that my image is too large when I try to upload a 4 MB file. Can you help me?

Edit: I found another maximum upload size in /dashboard/settings/image-upload. Upload limit is working correctly now. Please disregard this request. Thanks.
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you have to make sure that post max size is also changed, since if only file upload size is changed. Then it will follow post max size limit next. So as example Max upload file size was set to 2MB after it was changed to 128M now it's detecting that post max size is 4MB so that line has to be changed as well for the 128MB to be main limit. So ask TMD hosting to change 4MB on max post size to 128 as well or to like 200-300M since post max size needs extra higher limit when it posts data or something like that.
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