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hi there, i had been hoping to be able to have html - if only basic links even - in description areas for images and am wondering based on it not seeming to accept the basic html at url below - whether or not this is normally supported - i tried finding info in guides etc and couldnt...

it is mostly as I am using for another more important domain as big personal art one user site - as sort of a not curated portfolio where i have big archive of 2-3000 artworks i have .... some from my flickr account where i have descriptions in them with links, and others i just want to be able to interlink between few of my art sites - to store, or various other references to my work and have links work - for users and seo ...

so hoping might be something im missing?

if not still cool - but would be great as was assuming would be in there and rather than cobble wordpress into something roughly as chevereto - once found your script it seemed - and still does - the obvious choice in how excellent a job of most everything i could want ... esp for a private own domain own site alternative to my flickr account....

... dont want to bug more but part of why too is to be able to auto syndicate new posts out to social and similar accounts from one place.... i found old rss plugin i think on forum but noted some changes since then and hadnt tried yet.... would love to plug into IFTTT or various other syndication tools i use to amplify and automate some of my sharing/spreading/posting of artworks....
if you know off hand if that rss plug/extension still works i will figure it out .... don't stress on this one for now though other more important....

thanks so so much for amazing support and product!
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