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Hiring Developer for API job


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I have a Vbulletin site and want to use Chevereto as the image management system. I'm looking for someone to develop this for me.

basic system: someone clicks the 'upload image' button on my VB site, uploads their images to my chevereto site, then they get a URL so they can post the image on my VB4 site.

There should be settings to control the max file size and dimensions of the images and to convert images from one type to another. For example bmp or png to jpg.

This is paid addon, payment via Paypal and I'm looking for quick turn around, 2 weeks. I have a VB test site that can be used for the development.

Please contact me with a quote and previous work you've done.


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Can I suggest you find a plugin that already does this for another simple image hosting site and simply modify it yourself? It should be VERY easy. I was able to do this on IP.B.