Hello I need support.


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Don't double post to get our attention. Don't use the "Welcome" section to request support.
Hello, I purchased your full script a couple years ago.
I just installed the latest update.
My site is no longer working and I'm getting this error.
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '.' in /home/apics/public_html/app/lib/classes/class.login.php on line 313
I'm not sure how to get support in regards to this issue.
I have also sent an email to inbox (at) chevereto regarding this issue.
I'd like to get this issue fixed.

Line 313 reads like this: static::cookie(...$args);

Obviously there's something wrong.


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Welcome, hope you enjoy your stay.

P.S. I won't mention a word about your issue because you already posted about it elsewhere.


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You need update your PHP at least 5.6 version
And you need read the text in the update window before to push the update button