Few Ideas: Username Tagging, Extended Sign-up Form, Member Type(s)


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Hi Chevereto,

I would like to wish you and your team a happy new year!

Here are some idea's that I think would be great...

1) Username Tagging; What do you think if users were able to tag one another in a post (like Instagram) by mentioning @theusername in their upload? Good idea?

2) Extended Sign-up Form; Some people (like myself) do not like any sort of liability and despise fake or unauthorized content on their sites. That said, how about an extended sign-up form to ensure the age and/or identity of each user who signs up? Perhaps some new fields on the sign-up form that will allow Chevereto website owners to know that their users (and their content) is authentic and legal. Take p hoto b ucket for example. If their terms of service or legal team was not as powerful... they'd be out of business by now. The % of unauthorized and/or illegal content is very low, but as a website grows that % increases drastically. Perhaps an option for administrators to enable such extra fields? What do you think?

3) Member Type; I think it would be cool if there are "member types" and each member has a certain type of badge on their profile. E.g., Admin, User Type 1, User Type 2. Each role/member type has a different type of badge on their profile allowing a visitor to know what type of member he/she is. Lets say Admin (admin badge), Photographer (photographer badge), Member/Casual uploads (member badge).

4) Image Max-Width/Watermark; I have suggested this before, apologies if repeating myself. However, this is crucial. Think of "Re trica" and "Instra gram" for this one. First site only hit big thanks to their no-matter-what watermark that is the same size and position no matter the dimensions of the original upload Second site destroys image quality but is 100% consistent on their perfectly square image size. What about being able to crate a hybrid of that? Watermark optional (but fixed so it's same size on all uploads) + an image handler that will allow a max-width/quality setting so ALL photos are same width (or height) across the board? This will draw a lot of Chevereto sales and expand creativity to those into branding/business.

Haven't reached out for a while. Happy new year once again, cheers!