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Chevereto v4.0.10

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Chevereto Staff

Chevereto 4.0.10

  • βœ… Added version CLI command
  • βœ… Improved error display on CLI install
  • 🐞 Fixed bug in AWS open_basedir restriction
  • 🐞 Fixed bug in banners settings page
  • 🐞 Fixed bug in comments implementation
  • 🐞 Fixed bug in file size handling
  • 🐞 Fixed bug in notifications missing links
  • 🐞 Fixed bug in NSFW display
  • 🐞 Fixed bug in Spanish translation
  • 🐞 Fixed bug in update database query
  • 🐞 Fixed bug in upload file title
  • 🐞 Fixed bug in user interface for iOS
  • πŸ’… Disabled listing viewer by default
  • πŸ’… Improved arrow style navigation
  • πŸ’… Improved notifications display (default avatar)
Not open for further replies.