Amazon S3 Questions and Resizing Question

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Dec 29, 2017
Hi. Here are a few of questions I need answered, if possible:

Based on what I've read so far, you can set it up from the admin panel to automatically resize photos uploaded to specific dimensions.

1. So if I set it up to resize photos to say 800x600 (for example only), does this mean...

a. It will actually resize the photos (thus lowering the actual file sizes of the photos)?

b. It will then upload the resized photos to Amazon S3 (I'll be using this option)?

If so, what happens to the photo in their original sizes? Are they deleted from the server?

2. When using the Amazon S3 storage option, are all of the linking options for the uploader available as they are when not using Amazon S3?

3. Does using the Amazon S3 storage option introduce any restrictions to how Chevereto functions normally without using S3?



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Feb 27, 2017
As a user of S3 myself I can probably answer this for you.

In the admin dashboard you can set a maximum size if you wish. I have mine set set to 1920x1080. You can also have no limit

1 a) Yes it resizes images down to the size you set. It does this when the image is being uploaded, so as well as lower dimensions the file size will also reduce. My understanding is that the "quality" of the image is not reduced, just the size.

1 b) It uploads to S3 instantly. No original images remain as they have been resized at the point of upload.

2. Yes

3. There are no restrictions when using S3

All I would say though is that I would advise you use AWS Cloudfront to serve the images as a CDN. You can then setup a CNAME to point to your image distribution at Cloudfront. That works really well and is better than serving them directly from an S3 bucket.

Lets say your site was:

then you can set it up with CNAME so that the images are served from

Obviously you can use whatever you want as thats just an example ;)


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Dec 29, 2017
Excellent. That's a perfect setup for me and how I was hoping it worked.

Thanks for answering the questions so well. :)