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Album Hierarchy List


👽 Chevereto Freak
Beta tester
You can input Album Heirarchy on the Album pages by using this tidbit of code. This code was originally written by @Rodolfo for the anywhere_uploader I modified it to spit out an unordered list.

Be careful with placing it. If you're not comfortable with editing album theme files as an override, I recommend holding off for now.
if (is_content_manager() or is_owner()) {

    $user_albums = [];
    if (get_album()['user']['id']) {
        $user_albums = function_exists('is_owner') && is_owner() && function_exists('get_user_items_editor') && isset(get_user_items_editor()['user_albums']) ? get_user_items_editor()['user_albums'] : CHV\User::getAlbums(CHV\Login::getUser());
                        if (get_album()['user']['id']() && get_album()['user']['id']()['album_count'] > 0) {
                    <div class="center-box text-align-left">
                        <strong></strong><label for="upload-album-id">Album Heirarchy</label></strong>
                                $user_album_options_html = [];
                            foreach ($user_albums as $album) {
                                $user_album_options_html[] = strtr('<li><a href="/%id"%selected>%name</li>', [
                                            '%selected' => (function_exists('get_album') && get_album()['id_encoded'] == $album['id_encoded']) ? ' selected' : null,
                                            '%id'    => $album['id_encoded'],
                                            '%name' => $album['indent_string'] . $album['name_with_privacy_readable_html']
                            $user_album_options_html = implode("\n", $user_album_options_html);
                            echo $user_album_options_html; ?>
                            echo $user_album_options_html; ?>

</td><td width="99%" style="vertical-align:top;">
If anyone knows how to modify this to be instead of the login user to switch this to album owner, I would appreciate it <3


Chevereto Member
would it be possible to request, at anyone's leisure, some specific information about where to place this correctly? I desperately need an album list feature and this appears to be the only one available.

Thanks, sorry for the inconvenience~