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add proper account ban/unban instead of IP ban


👽 Chevereto Freak
💡Describe your Feature request

I would like to see a proper account ban and not just IP ban. Since so far I can see is that you can only ban some one over their IP but not actual account.
So that's why I'm making this post to hope others would want this to be added as well so us admins/site owners can ban an account properly so if for example a user uploads illegal content or against the site tos, then we can ban the account and next time they try to visit their account or login to the account, on the site it will show a message in example way

"You have been banned
Reason: Uploading child abuse content"

That way when they log out or can log out from account and then makes new account it will either automatically ban their next one up on same IP that was used on first account or it will tell them "This IP is forbidden from making new accounts". So that way abuser cannot make new accounts. Since site has blocked ip as well.

Also when a user becomes banned their profile link shall show either 404 not found or simply noticed message stating this user has been banned and all of it's albums, images shall also be automatically deleted or put into a hidden mode for admins/mods to keep evidence if needed, so admins and mods can view content of banned user.

Next I would also see when a user is banned only admins/mods can still view their profile, but members and guests cannot and cannot view content and that images won't be listed in explore section anymore as well once user is banned. Also direct link to images will be dead to visitors and members but can be viewed to admin/moderators still.

When a admin/moderator views the banned profile it shall also have a box stating cause of ban so this staff member knows why and won't unban the user, because they think user did not violate any TOS or law.

A unban button would also be great incase if needed for us admins/mods + site owners incase a user get's banned but that it seems they where incorrectly banned, then we can click a button under user list or on their profile saying Un-Ban that way they will become unbanned and their content returns to visible state again and they can re-use their account.

👏Where did you saw this?

Seen many image hosts have account bans and not only iP bans

🔥Interest outside our community

No idea but this community will hopefully like this suggestion so we can properly ban some 1 on our site instead of IP ban only.