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Dear Community,

Chevereto is an awesome piece of software and I'm very happy to have found it!

I didn't find anything that comes close to it with similar features and design. I've noticed that most of the community uses Chevereto with/for multiple users. But I like to comment on the personal mode.

I've been looking to self-host my personal photo's for a while. Been using Google Photos. Chevereto personal mode is a perfect alternative for Google Photos. There are only two options I'm missing and was wondering if it would be possible to implement them?

1. Sorting images / albums by EXIF data date. I've read Rodolfo's comment on this, but for personal use it's perfect.
2. Zooming in-out photos like Google Photos does (mouse-wheel scroll or pinch to zoom).

I believe with these two features added Chevereto could also be marketed as a self hosted Google Photos alternative.