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  1. Rodolfo

    V4 videos (previews)

    Hey there, I've uploaded a lot of videos showing the next Chevereto V4, for those who haven't been able to try the beta this is what you will be experience in your daily use with V4. 👉 You can check the videos on my Vimeo profile. https://vimeo.com/rodber 🤑 Show your support by...
  2. xiaobai

    Willing to pay for customized Chevereto

    I am a user from China, I like the Chevereto program very much, but I think the display on the mobile side needs to be improved. I am willing to pay to customize the China special edition. I hope to increase the support for uploading videos, mainly mp4, and is willing to buy video buffer...
  3. A

    Can anyone make Video Plugin?

    Hi I was wondering if anyone can create an video plugin so I can add videos by link Like YouTube, Vimeo, etc Not an actual upload but with link or embedded code
  4. M

    Anyone successfully modify Cheverato to accept MP4?

    I'm not sure if this is the correct forum to post this in but I am desperately needing the ability to host MP4 video files as well as images and gifs. Has anyone here played around with this or had any success? I am not talking linking to vimeo or youtube. I mean actually hosting the MP4 files...