1. M

    Images not deleting from server

    If you'd like to have access to my server and website, please let me know and I can privately email you them. 🎯Description of the issue I am having trouble with the auto-delete of the 'guest' posts from the website. The website does not seem to delete images older than 1 day. I have set it to...
  2. mattgphoto

    How to make ShareX upload images/screenshots as my user via the api?

    🎯Description of the issue When trying to upload screenshots to my chevereto install as my user via ShareX with the myapi workaround, it fails. ▶🚶‍Reproduction steps Following this guide: https://chevereto.com/docs/api-v1#api-user I have in the ShareX destination settings as follows...
  3. harshvardhanmalpani

    Emojis in image title gets stored as ???????

    If a user tries to save image name with emojis, only few of them work. Others like 💁🌏💕 show up as ????? in db as well as on frontend
  4. A

    Images not showing up in chevereto when uploaded to aws s3

    When uploading images the appear to be white on my site and also in s3 bucket but if I disable external storage it works fine Can someone please explain step by stem on how to set up Amazon s3 My domain is uploid.com Please upload something and see it for yourself
  5. S

    Download album folder

    Hello, 💡Describe your suggestion today I had the situation that I wanted to upload many pictures for a supplier (the received parts was defectiv). This was not the problem, but I miss the possibilities to download this as album. The supplier must save all pictures as single file, and this is...
  6. P

    Allow admin to set anon upload by default as private

    💡Describe your suggestion There should be an option for the admin to set anonymous uploads as private the image should not be public by default.
  7. Diddlik

    Album structure regarding to folder structure

    Hi all, I did not find the setting. The point is that the images are saved according to album names, for example: I have album Animal and sub album Birds. I upload the picture in Bird. How can I set up the image to have the following link: mysite/img/Animals/Birds/img_2015.jpg?
  8. W

    Pre-Tag Android Pictures & Upload to Album

    Is it possible to upload a set of pictures from Android to a specific album? Ideally, I'd like to select the album before taking the pictures. In other words, if I am about to take pictures that relate to Album A, I'd like the next pictures to be tagged with Album A and then uploaded...
  9. bee

    Upload with Icons in filename did not work anymore

    Normally I could upload images with icons in the filename, like ✨Sleepless nights=Slutty Silly Slut takes pics for a collage.. Y'all dig (F) 😘.jpg I wonder what people think o(f) my outfits at the gym 🤔.jpg Little party 🎊 dress last night with no panties [f].jpg But now I got an error, when I...
  10. M

    Resize & Compress?

    Hi All, I've actually purchased Chevereto on the fantastic deal they had on with TMDHosting a couple of weeks ago. :) My question is about image Upload, Resize & Compression, as far as I can make out, Chevereto does not Compress the images on upload. This is indispensable so as to save on...
  11. P

    gifs.cloud - upload & search for new funny gif images!

    gifs.cloud upload gifs | discover new funny gifs | share gif images
  12. P

    PasteUpload.com - Copy and Paste to Upload Images

    PasteUpload.com is an image host where you can paste photos from your clipboard to upload them! Ctrl+V or choose a file to add an image for free unlimited hosting with no ads or downtime! Features: Copy and Paste Images Ctrl + V to Upload Unlimited Image Sharing Share Pictures Photo Hosting...
  13. D

    Adding new field to database and populating it on image upload/edit

    Hello, we have an external application that can save images to our Chevereto gallery. While these images are public domain, we'd still like to provide a link to the image source page. So we added a field for "attribution" to the chv_images table. Images uploaded from our external app populate...
  14. bobbysamai

    Error Message (Empty)

    When uploading an image, I noticed with larger images over 2000px wide I see an error message. When I click to review what the error was, it's blank. Is that right? I figured it should say something like "your photo was too large" or something that can help the user figure out what to do to fix...
  15. H

    Upload problems after change of hosting

    I have some time been seeking for a better hosting. I once moved the Chevereto installation with no problems at all, but after another move yesterday there has been some difficulties. There still is strange upload / thumbnail behavior, which I don't quite understand. I am unable to solve it...
  16. D

    File size changes on upload?

    Hi, When I upload images I noticed that the file-size is changed on upload. The Demo doesn't do this. Is this a user setting, admin setting or do I have some other problem? Examples: a 1500 x 2045 px 248,85 kb file becomes: 1500 x 2045 px 339,68 kb a 1398 x 1000 px 838,62 kb file becomes...