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  1. W

    TOS agreement when guest-uploading

    💡Describe your Feature request During registration, the user must agree to the TOS by checking a box. But when you upload images as a guest there is no such checkbox. It turns out that guests do not care about TOS and they can do whatever they want, because they did not agree. This is rather...
  2. van xircom

    Discuz install upload plugin no response

    I installed the upload plugin in discuz but it doesn't show discuzURL:https://www.vanfe.cn/ I don't know why I upgrade chevereto and the website is blank, so I dare not upgrade, I don't know what's wrong
  3. F

    error when visiting view link

    Dear user, kindly note that Tech Support is free, but please note: ⚠️ Check hotfixes first ⏳ Ticket response time is within 7 working days if you need a faster response purchase Extra Support 🇨🇱 Support is delivered in CLST working hours 🚧 Tech Support only covers software issues ▶...
  4. van xircom

    Encountered an error while uploading the webp image

    Encountered an error while uploading the webp image,I configured the webp format in nginx, but it prompts when uploading Antonella-Bali-by-leanderBrand-11.webp - Server error (Internal server error) I don't know what to do
  5. petaqui

    Can't upload pictures after update

    Good morning So I updated yesterday to the latest version and after that I can't upload pictures. I tried to find where could be the issue, if could be on my side, or Backblaze (as it's the one I'm using to host the files), but checking logs show me something that makes me think that something...
  6. RizkiKhaizir

    Button Save Changes Missing in Setting Image Upload

    ⚠ where button SAVE CHANGES in setting image upload, I want to make changes to the upload via the url to make it easier, but the settings can't be done because the save changes button is not on the image upload tab, how to fix it?
  7. Z

    Different upload behavior after upgrading from version 3.18.3 to 3.20.X [With included Workaroud]

    ▶ Reproduction steps Go to /upload and upload a X image 😢 Unexpected result 📃 Error log message We upgraded our Chevereto from version 3.18.3 to 3.20.8, and we noticed that the upload behavior changed, causing an error when someone uploads an image. Just a note. I'm not sure if this is...
  8. S

    Routing Storage Servers for Upload

    Hi Team, I believe the front web server is used for uploading to all the available web servers. So it is slowing down the uploads when people are uploading 1000 images. Since I own multiple file hosting script, all the script used to make use of the storage servers to upload. But their...
  9. Imagelli

    3.20.0 Bugs - Can't upload custom logo

    ▶ Reproduction steps Select a custom homepage logo Click Save 😢 Unexpected result Error. 📃 Error log message Aw, snap! Internal Server Error [debug @ print,error_log] - https://v3-docs.chevereto.com/setup/troubleshoot/debug.html ** errorId #293a3d02f245c5d7 ** At...
  10. D

    Chevereto will not read my php.ini file. I have verified everything and the server has the correct values but chevereto can't seem to load it.

    🎯Description of the issue My chevereto site settings will not allow me to increase my max upload size as it is saying my PHP settings are capped at 2M and 8M. I have restarted apache, rebooted server, and everything on server end is correct. It is something with chevereto that is stopping it...
  11. S

    I need some modification in the signup form and set the restriction for image upload

    1) I want to modify signup page which may ask few more details while signup, I want to edit it. How can i do it. please guide. 2) I want to restrict new users to upload only 100 images till the time I don't allow them to upload more images. 3) I have created a pricing page that is coming under...
  12. P

    3.15+ API broken

    ▶🚶‍Reproduction steps curl -d 'key=***&source=https://avatars.mds.yandex.net/get-pdb/2883449/338951b0-3a78-4bab-9b21-372b8e849b63/s1200' 'https://onlystorage.org/api/1/upload' 📃Error log message
  13. 1200

    The maximum upload value automatically changes to 2MB

    The maximum upload I set in the dashboard-image upload is 32MB, and the tourist upload is 16MB, but every time I visit the site homepage, I find that the maximum upload becomes 2MB. This phenomenon has occurred many times, I am very puzzled, and I do not think anyone knows the administrator...
  14. L

    No upload button with Vanilla forum's 'Rich' editor

    I think the 'Rich' editor is a recent addition and now it's the new default in the latest Vanilla forum v.3.3. It's a simpler editor geared for mobile use, and with that editor enabled, the upload button won't display on a desktop, tablet, or mobile. The theme in use is the default theme -...
  15. M

    Images not deleting from server

    If you'd like to have access to my server and website, please let me know and I can privately email you them. 🎯Description of the issue I am having trouble with the auto-delete of the 'guest' posts from the website. The website does not seem to delete images older than 1 day. I have set it to...
  16. mattgphoto

    How to make ShareX upload images/screenshots as my user via the api?

    🎯Description of the issue When trying to upload screenshots to my chevereto install as my user via ShareX with the myapi workaround, it fails. ▶🚶‍Reproduction steps Following this guide: https://chevereto.com/docs/api-v1#api-user I have in the ShareX destination settings as follows...
  17. harshvardhanmalpani

    Emojis in image title gets stored as ???????

    If a user tries to save image name with emojis, only few of them work. Others like 💁🌏💕 show up as ????? in db as well as on frontend
  18. A

    Images not showing up in chevereto when uploaded to aws s3

    When uploading images the appear to be white on my site and also in s3 bucket but if I disable external storage it works fine Can someone please explain step by stem on how to set up Amazon s3 My domain is uploid.com Please upload something and see it for yourself
  19. S

    Download album folder

    Hello, 💡Describe your suggestion today I had the situation that I wanted to upload many pictures for a supplier (the received parts was defectiv). This was not the problem, but I miss the possibilities to download this as album. The supplier must save all pictures as single file, and this is...
  20. P

    Allow admin to set anon upload by default as private

    💡Describe your suggestion There should be an option for the admin to set anonymous uploads as private the image should not be public by default.