1. mrneilypops

    v3.12.9 upgrade fails with update error 'Can't connect...'

    Upgrade to v3.12.9 fails with update error as per attached screenshot. TMD hosting contacted. Any advice welcome...
  2. DevBox

    freeze on maintenance page after upgrade to 3.8

    Hi, all, Well, just upgraded to 3.8.x and my website freeze on maintenance page: http://hub.putfile.online/ Any idea? Thanks.
  3. mrneilypops

    Chevereto v3.8.7 home icon lost

    I have just upgraded one of my chevereto sites; https://pinkhamster.org/ I have lost the home icon navigation. This is one of my hosted sites at cheveretohosting.com Tested in Chromium and Firefox... Regards, Neil