1. L

    No upload button with Vanilla forum's 'Rich' editor

    I think the 'Rich' editor is a recent addition and now it's the new default in the latest Vanilla forum v.3.3. It's a simpler editor geared for mobile use, and with that editor enabled, the upload button won't display on a desktop, tablet, or mobile. The theme in use is the default theme -...
  2. L

    Uploader calls the Demo site's default login on ProBoard forum

    I don't know if this would qualify as a true bug, given where the script is inserted, but the behavior doesn't match the expected result. ▶🚶‍Reproduction steps [LIST=1] Select the copy/paste code from the PUP page using any choice of options; where the URL strings are properly set to the...
  3. J

    Translation Typo in pup.js: "Bilder hochalden"

    ...should be "Bilder hochladen" (correct german spelling) Thanks, J PS: in the pup documentation: "Supported language strings" is missing "en" (which I wanted to use instead of "auto" which gives me german)