1. S

    CDN Domain Path

    Hi All, If we use CDN for our domain, and it will be better to input our CDN domain name in the Chevereto backend and so Chevereto will call that domain name for the static contents while loading. Example: I may use as my CDN domain name, so if input that, then all the static...
  2. 1200

    I can't upload the picture, it says "request denied".

    I added the entire content of the cached website to the CloudFlare page rule. After that, I found that I could n’t upload the picture. When I uploaded the picture, I would be prompted with “rejected request”. Find a solution without losing the entire content of CloudFlare's cached website.
  3. Chevereto Newbie

    2M+ Images Cheverto Based Website

    Hi there. I’m working on an icon/PNG/vector images website that will include over 2,000,000 images on it. Not sure if there are other websites out there that are hosting these many images on Chevereto but I’d love to get some advise. Plan is to run it on a dedicated server along with KeyCDN...
  4. V

    Want To Know About CDN

    How Does a CDN Work?
  5. F

    Change uploaded domain of uploads

    Hi my name is Lucas! I need to change te domain of uploaded images Like a cdn in the same server, using a parked subdomain (other domain) for images uploaded only Thanks!!