1. Rodolfo

    OAuth server?

    When I went headless CMS for Chevereto 4 I didn't notice that sensitive account information like password and email address will require extra considerations in the new model. This is because there's no user interface, all the actions are API commands. How to manage passwords and email? It is...
  2. anyilin

    Social account login & Register an account

    ▶🚶‍Reproduction steps Go to Dashboard > Settings > Users > Enable signups > Disabled Go to Dashboard > Settings > Users > Require email for social signup > Enabled Try to login with a social account (No prior registration) 😢Unexpected result The register will be successfully guided to the...
  3. T

    Sessions List/End

    Somewhere in the profile menu OR actually in the profile itself that displays other sessions that are logged into your account either by showing the IPs or a section of the cookie used (If you don't want to display IPs for privacy concerns) With an possible "End session" (Or delete cookie)...