Social account login & Register an account


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▶🚶‍Reproduction steps
  1. Go to Dashboard > Settings > Users > Enable signups > Disabled
  2. Go to Dashboard > Settings > Users > Require email for social signup > Enabled
  3. Try to login with a social account (No prior registration)
😢Unexpected result

The register will be successfully guided to the interface for filling in the email address, and the activation email will be successfully received after filling in. However, the activation link in the email isn‘t available, and the chevereto will also record the register's information and set the status to "Awaiting comfirmation". After that, I can only delete these accounts manually.

📃Error log message


People can register new accounts through soical accounts though it's not permitted and the mail sent to the social accounts are invalid as well.


Chevereto Developer
Chevereto Staff
Bug confirmed, thank you for reporting this.

It will get patched in v3.14.2