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V3.20 CLI not running , line 4: 159443 Segmentation fault

PHP version
Database driver
Database version
Web browser


Chevereto Member
My upgrade to V4 was not successful so Im still using V3.2

After I moving server I get below error while running CRON and hence my dashboard is showing CRON is not running
Everything else works fine.

The CRON still works perfectly on my previous server. The only difference is old server is using nginx 1.19 and new server is using nginx 1.24, also old server had 8GB RAM and new server only 3GB RAM

★[2024-02-11 23:52:02] Successful
* Processing removeDeleteLog
* Processing storageDelete
* Processing checkHtaccess
* Enforce .htaccess files
✅ [DONE] Enforce completed (everything OK)
* Processing cleanUnconfirmedUsers
* Processing tryForUpdates
/www/server/cron/7aadc0c53e65370fc61454cff6d46636: line 4: 159443 Segmentation fault      sudo -u www /usr/bin/php /www/wwwroot/public/cli.php -C cron
★[2024-02-11 23:53:01] Successful

Any help would be appreciated