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Big Chevereto ipev.ru - Russian Hosting - sale


Community Manager
Numbers looks good! Could you tell us a little more about your site, like, niche and setup etc? Any tips to new users you can share with us?


Chevereto Member
Tips to give hard because of not knowing the language.
Source of traffic game forum, the game which began to play even at school age. The second source, at the very start, bought ads from google, but it's expensive, at times 5 cheaper ads to borrow was from Yandex.
As for the choice of the script, I originally bought another, which I could not install, it seemed to me that it was just not working, then the chevereto script was bought, and I really like it.
The original server selection was also not successful. He fell from time to time. Further in the Internet I found out about the current provider, it is http://artplanet.su where the server crashes stopped. For the site I pay at a rate of $ 5.95 a month, and the starting rate was 3.81 dollars from 10 GB, but I'm still in search of savings on the server.
Currently I'm waiting for a new version of Chevereto, and I really want a plug-in that will allow downloading absolutely all files to the site.


Chevereto Member
I also want that chevereto got auto-cleaning, for those links that have long been not viewed. Then I think the site will decrease by a factor of 5 :)


Chevereto Member
All files are stored on the subdomain img.ipev.ru this is done in order if I finally save money on the home server, and the files will be on the server at home, and the main site I plan to leave at the hoster.