Server issues

Not all web servers follow some basic standards and in some cases even having a server that meets the system requirements you could find issues that won't allow Chevereto to work properly. This is a list of known server issues mostly caused by bad server configuration.

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Server issues are not in the script layer and you must refer to your hosting company or server administrator if you get a problem in your server.


These issues are related to bad configurations in Apache or Nginx. Most common issues are:


PHP runs over your Webserver in different flavours (module or fcgi) and with different libraries and settings that can cause issues:

In some servers you can easily switch to PHP 5.5 by doing an .htaccess workaround. Simply go to your website root .htaccess file and add the following line at the top:

AddHandler application/x-httpd-php55 .php55 .php

Note that php.ini directives are also responsible for the file upload limits. You should check this article for more info: PHP common pitfalls.


Most common MySQL errors are related to wrong credentials and missing privileges. The most common things to worry are:

Injecting fixes

Some issues can be fixed by injecting code in the script like set a working session_save_path or forcing a php.ini directive using ini_set. We encourage you to don't do this but feel free to use it as your last resort.

To inject fixes you should use the app/settings.php file because is the only file that isn't touched by Cheveteto after install.