Server issues

Not all web servers follow some basic standards and in some cases even having a server that meets the system requirements you could find issues that won't allow Chevereto to work properly.


These issues are related to bad configurations in the server software. Most common issues are:


PHP runs over your Webserver in different flavours (module or fcgi) and with different libraries and settings that can cause issues:

Note that php.ini directives are also responsible for the file upload limits. You should check this article for more info: PHP common pitfalls.


Most common MySQL errors are related to wrong credentials and missing privileges. The most common things to worry are:

Settings hacks

Due to a large number of poorly configured servers, we started to add settings hacks in order to allow you to force PHP settings. At this time, you can hack the session save path, timezone and the HTTPS flag. Pay attention to these extra lines that you should add to your app/settings.php file.

$settings['session.save_path'] = 'absolute path';
$settings['default_timezone'] = 'timezone identifier';
$settings['https'] = TRUE; // TRUE to force PHP HTTPS

You can even use this file to force a php.ini directive using ini_set(). We encourage you to don't do this but feel free to use it as your last resort, it shouldn't break anything.