If you have a VPS or dedicated server, follow our Root install (LEMP) guide. For everything else, make sure that your server meets all the system requirements then do one of the following procedures:

A. Install using our Installer

The installer is a single .php file which will download and extract the latest release.

B. Install via zip

C. Install using Softaculous/Fantastico

If your web hosting includes Softaculous/Fantastico, you can install Chevereto-Free with just one click, it should be available for one-click install under the "Image Galleries" category.

Note: Our paid edition isn't available in any of these script libraries. However, you can install Chevereto Free and then one-click upgrade it to the paid edition directly from the dashboard panel.

D. Install using Docker

Docker allows you to easily install and maintain all the server dependencies with ease by using automated application containers. The ready-to-use Docker images are under nmtan/chevereto (many thanks to Tan Nguyen).

Note: Use the installer tag to use Docker with our paid edition.

Install issues

Most common install issue is missing system requirements so make sure that you are running a compatible system and that all the data is correct like working MySQL credentials and privileges. For other issues feel free to ask for support.


This file contains the application settings like DB credentials and other settings. This file may look like this:

$settings['db_host'] = '';
$settings['db_port'] = 'port';
$settings['db_name'] = 'name';
$settings['db_user'] = 'user';
$settings['db_pass'] = 'password';
$settings['db_table_prefix'] = 'chv_';
$settings['db_driver'] = 'mysql';
$settings['debug_level'] = 1;