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If anyone plans to try out BunnyCDN PM me for a referral code. I just had a heart transplant and they have a $20 referral program, will help me a lot if you are going that pathway anyways. I've been using them for 3 years now and been 100% happy.
I was in process of updating to v3.13.5. The update ran until 'attempting to extract' and then did not seem to progress after several minutes. I tried re-fresh on browser. That did not help. Now my website ( is plain white page. I'm not very skilled user of Chevereto. Can you help me restore my website? Thank you.
Hello. I have a problem with paypal, can I pay you $ 30 from card to card for a license for one domain?
Sorry, only PayPal
Beluga yo ucan use and "donate" $30 from each card to you, to get it as balance. And then use your balance to pay.