When will v4 be launched?


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When will v4 be launched?
I hope V4 provide a plugin for detecpting Adult Content and delecting pictures.
V4 may use Realtime Image Moderation API of https://www.moderatecontent.com/
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Hi @borat, thank you for your concerns about V4 but there's no release date for it.

I want to release this year, but I will announce the release without any anticipation. I like to work on my own pace, focused in the system quality rather than meeting a release deadline. I know that the main issue here is that I'm a sole developer, that's why I'm building a system that will attract third-party developers to provide functionality like the one you just suggested.

You can check the base framework work in progress here: https://github.com/Chevereto/chevere and you can check right away the high-quality standard that it has:
Such quality isn't cheap and it requires many work hours, but the benefits are countless for every person interacting with the software, from core developer up to the end user, everybody wins.

I'm sure that V4 will be a big thing, I've been working on its framework for about 19 months and the outcome so far is a remarkable system. I can't wait to show how great is to work with.