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Don Chevere
Chevereto Staff
License owner
Hey there,

As Chevereto is PHP software I figured out that it will be great fit for everybody to drive a forum for PHP development. For those not into programming, PHP is the language used in Chevereto to build pretty much all the instructions that are executed in your servers. I've been using PHP since 2003 (PHP 4) and I've already made two development frameworks for it, plus Chevereto.

I've plenty years of experience, I've worked in many systems and I want to share/spread my opinions on how I think you can get the most (good parts) of PHP so I'm opening this forum. My intention is to help others when using PHP as knowing it is a must if you want to get the most of Chevereto, it enables you to modify the software and extend it. Knowing PHP enables you to make Chevereto really yours.

šŸ¤— This forum is for any kind of PHP issue, it doesn't need to be related to the software I made.

šŸ˜ PHP in a nutshell​

PHP is an interpreted language, it doesn't compile. You write instructions in .php files that are interpreted by the PHP runtime (the stuff you download from which analyze, translate, and execute the code needed to complete the request. It is a scripting language, it can be executed in a myriad of configurations going from CLI, CGI, FPM and specialized application servers. Perhaps you know about running PHP on a web server like Apache? That's just the of the many ways in which you can run PHP software.

PHP is really good when you handle it properly, but that is very hard to achieve. The language is so flexible that is very easy to make mistakes and make a bad judgement about it, to blame the language and not yourself. It doesn't drive you towards better code, you do (the way it should be!).

PHP community and resources are just great, its diversity is really huge and I followed it's evolution for about 17 years and I like all what I've seen. For me, PHP is a really good example of user-driven Open Source software and I really like that PHP is not sponsored by any company, neither driven by any corporation.


Not open for further replies.