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User Data Exporter: Image + Album export for each user


👽 Chevereto Freak
💡Describe your Feature request

This is basically the reverse of bulk importer feature already in Chevereto. With bulk exporter we should be able to export all images + album for a particular user to a local folder or as .zip.

👏Where did you saw this?

This feature would be helpful in follow scenarios.
  • Migrating users from one chevereto website to another (Acquisition or merger of chevereto sites, Free and paid user migration)
  • Allowing users to take backup of all content (Banned users, GDPR data request)

🔥Interest outside our community

Under GDPR, users can request copy of all data.
Ref: The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), under Article 15, gives individuals the right to request a copy of any of their personal data which are being ‘processed’.