Upload request denied after logout


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▶🚶‍Reproduction steps
  1. [Example: Go to Dashboard > Settings > Uploads and enable guest uploads]
  2. [Example: Try to upload the attached image as a guest]
😢Unexpected result

[Example: Images are not getting uploaded at all and the system throws "An error occurred, try again later".]

📃Error log message

[Provide any relevant error log entry. You may check our documentation for help on this]Untitled.png


Network license
Beta tester
I am getting this error when logging in and logging out and trying to upload the image as a guest. I happen on demo and my installation of chevereto.


Chevereto creator
Chevereto Staff
When you logout the auth token gets invalidated. That's why you get that result in the first load.

It is a minor bug that should be fixed in the future.