Upload of RAW image formats? NEF, iPhone HEIF


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I'm not finding this answer, so I figure I would post here before buying. I have a need to upload the original NEF (or RAW) image format. And make it an option to download by the user. Is this possible with Chevereto?


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No, Chevereto doesn't support RAW formats at this time. It only supports JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP.


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Thank you for the quick response. Unfortunately, this limitation will keep me from purchasing. I will watch to see if and when it's supported in the future. Thank you again.


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Check out the feedback forum too and add your feedback.

If a good chunk of users on this forum support one of the new formats, then, it will get added to the development roadmap provided that the gd/imagemagick libraries support it. If nobody expresses interest besides 1 or 2, they aren't getting added.

RAW image format is not supported by Windows, Firefox, or Chrome. Chances of it being added are low.