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Sometimes I upload 30 things at one time to my Chevereto, and a random file will fail. This can happen on any SFTP or storage node server. It can be an internet hiccup, arrival hiccup, etc. The errors are helpful & emailed to the Chevereto admin.

But, how about letting us click the image's caution to retry the upload

Along with this it'd be nice to have it be more upfront if there are errors, and an easy way to let users retry themselves. This can be a quick and dirty way instead of API retries for cloud storage, the users can take it on. Plus ,a lot of times users' internet speeds aren't the best and images get interrupted and this can help them boost things through on their own.

Here's an example mockup of how it can be implemented. Simple link basically.

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I was talking with someone (you know who you are) about a retry portion in the Chevereto script, which worked pretty well. But, sometimes the errors persist. Why not push them to the users? Kind of a unique idea for Chevereto. Other image hosts just fail and give an error and not really tell you why.

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N/A new idea kind of exclusive to us.


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Just to put the stuff in context:

I believe that retry option should be available when the image fails to be delivered to the input server, not when it fails to be uploaded to the storage.

This is because the external storage is handled by the server, so it is the server which should retry here by implementing job queues and report back to the front.

V4 will implement job queues ;)