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Updating Chevereto. (White screen after updating)


Chevereto Member
Hello there!
I love chevereto, but everytimes I updating it, i feel pain.
Well, maybe not real pain, but something like it.
Everytimes I copy new files and see errors on the main site page. After last update I opened main page and saw.. Well, white screen.
Ok, maybe wrong .htaccess options? Lets upload that file once more... Nothing.
Maybe other files corrupted? Lets upload files.. Nothing again.
Ok, let's check headers. Status: 200.. Ok, so site works and available.
Then I finally decided to look into database. I opened settings table and saw something like:

41 theme CustomPeafowl
Well, lets change option to default..
Changed. So lets take a look.. Oh, site works!

Ok, I know that Chevereto on dev stage
I know how hard keep stable architecture of product like this
But coming not first time! And everytimes I have to open both themes and compare files, trying find something, that could broke the site to apply my theme.

So, users

If after Chevereto updating you see only white screen, try open database and write into command line:
UPDATE image_settings SET setting_value = 'Peafowl' WHERE setting_name = 'theme'

I believe it will help you.

So, dev team (Or only Rodolfo?)
Please, could you make an alert in release notes file or on chevereto download page or just make few hooks to make theme building not so dangeros?

And excuse me for my English


⭐ Chevereto Godlike
Chevereto Staff
In software you always have several kind of incidents so you develop and improve the thing to avoid those incidents. Some incidents are common, like the update issues with conflicting keys that was fixed months ago but in your case I will say that your problem can't be labeled as a common or even weird incident. As you may notice you are the only person having this and the root of the issue is unknown until I debug your website but the clear thing is that is something affecting your installation, not all of them.

The theme thing will always happen, that's why the system comes with the basic stuff to configure the themes and I've also made a guide or a "how to tell the difference" guide that helps when you edit the theme. https://chevereto.com/docs/theme
The best way to keep a track of default theme changes is by creating a local git repo in your computer. Create a local git repo with last Chevereto version and commit each time you want to merge the code and will be able to see exactly all the changes line by line. We recommend you to use SourceTree which is completely free.

You have to understand that Chevereto is on high project activity, a lot of things are changing every day and it will be like that a lot of time.