Update problem:Missing /app/install/update/updater.php

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🎯Description of the issue

When I click Update, I got Chevereto Free error: Internal Server Error . Then I set the debug level to 3, I got the following error message:
Fatal error [100]: Missing /app/install/update/updater.php
Triggered in /app/routes/route.update.php at line 12

Stack trace:
#0 /lib/G/classes/class.handler.php(216): G\Handler->{closure}(G\Handler)
#1 /lib/G/classes/class.handler.php(120): G\Handler->processRequest()
#2 /app/loader.php(610): G\Handler->__construct(Array)
#3 /index.php(20): include_once('/app/loader.php')

But the file "updater.php" is present in the directory.

▶🚶‍Reproduction steps
😢Unexpected result

Fatal error [100]:
Missing /app/install/update/updater.php

📃Error log message

Shown above.


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Unfortunately, this ticket has more than seven days without a reply or feedback from the original poster. We will now consider this ticket abandoned and its now closed.

Don't hesitate to create a new ticket if this matter is still causing you issues.

Ticket closed.
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