Theme integration with existing template

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Jan 23, 2018
North Carolina, USA

I have a template for a file sharing site, I have the original PSD's and also have had it turned into html/css. I'm wondering a few things.

  1. Is it possible to integrate this theme, how hard is this? I read chevereto is similar to a WP Theme but I have 0 experience doing that so I could probably figure it out but I don't have the time to.
  2. Are there companies that perform such a service
  3. Are there users that have done this before
  4. Is my best bet posting on a freelancing site?
  5. Any idea what the cost of this is if it's been done before?

Some examples of the theme
index - Upload -


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Oct 7, 2008
Chevereto HQ
Do something like that is hard because there are lots of template files needed to modify and the template system doesn't work well with upgrades. To be honest, Chevereto template system has been always complicated and hard to work on it so for the next major version (Chevereto 4) I will introduce a new theme engine and a new API that will allow you to code your own JS events and stuff like that.

You have to realize that there are several functionalities that work with XHR (no form posts) so custom templates need their own endpoint to hook these calls and whatnot.


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Jan 23, 2018
North Carolina, USA
Thank you for the response, the more I did research into this the more I realized it would be quite an undertaking. Well I look forward to version 4 and you may see me back around here when that happens!


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Nov 24, 2017
yeh, i too always want some unique theme for my self, but unfortunately coder is much complex in template and its feature.

still there are many tutoriaals to change UI of DEFAULT THEME, GO THROUGH THEM .