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Temp Account for Users


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💡Describe your Feature request

As of now if guest users are uploading images, we are not showing the images or showing the gallery created by them. But when they create an account it is added to their account.

It will be good if we create a temp account for users or give an option to users to browse through the images or gallery they have created and keep exploring the site with the help of the temp account itself. I mean, give as much permission as registered users but have some limitations for them to upgrade.

How To?

Temp account needs to be associated via IP, Cookies and Browser Fingerprint if possible. And so we can able to login to their Temp account whenever they use the website and implement the limitation

1) If the user changes the IP and use the same browser we will find out
2) If user change the browser then use the same IP we will find out
3) If user change the IP, clear the cookies, we can still find out if there is some unique browser fingerprint

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Bumping this as it gives lots of benefits to website owners.

Example: We can add a new RFC to limit upload for a guest account

1) By Images: 100 Images
2) By Size (Total Image): 500MB
3) Gallery Limit: 10


This will convert the guest account to registered user account.
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Chevereto Staff
I believe that what you are after is to get more signups. If that's the case, why users will be more likely to create an account if you are already delivering some features/permissions without requiring to sign? I think that you don't realize that as this could drive more signups, it could also discourage it. Just analyze it... All peekers won't require to create an actual account. The problem of non-users getting features is that as they aren't actual users, it spawns another user-like layer to deal with. This is not minor, it affects stuff like consent approval, listing queries, etc.

This could become a counter-feature, but the only way to know is giving it a try. Sadly, I estimate that the value that this RFC deliver is too low for the effort it requires. Also, in one year it got zero traction so it doesn't look that it will get anywhere.

In your recent comment you suggest limits as part of this RFC? In this case you are talking about user groups, which is a concept more interesting than temp users and it already has its RFC.


💖 Chevereto Fan
I have proposed this only to achieve the following things and have many ideas which can be implemented later

1) we should be able to track every guest details. As of now all the guest are treated as 1 as we have no option to group them as individual unless we go and search content by IP.

By having temp it will be grouped by IP, Cookies and Browser Fingerprint.

Ban will be more powerful here as not every user know how we implemented the system.

2) limitation, I do notice guest are uploading more than 100K images by having this we can restrict their account with various options.

Also the guest will see more info about what they have done so far and how the site was helpful to them, why they are limited by going through their temp profile.

3) monetisation, it is a process of converting them from step by step

If I go to one site , I upload an image, I just copy the link and move on. But if I see they provide temp account with very little effort then I will use the temp account for while along with maintaining all my uploaded images, albums. I will be tempt to move to next tier if the second tier offer more benefits. And once I reached my second tier I will upgrade to third one which can be premium account.

User Groups needs to be implemented as well as Temp Account also an user group. It is just that guest user will be called as temp account users with less benefits. As we cannot apply these restriction even if we add User Groups if there is no temp account

1) Limit Uploads to 1000
2) Limit Albums to 10

Even if you achieve these limit via other methods how do a guest user know they have reached their limits ?

As of now there is no reason for them to create an account if they need only image viewer URL in the site which do not remove images for 5 years. They keep using as guest and keep uploading 1000 of images.

Short Version

This RFC is to implement these limitation to users to know the value we provide in the name of Temp Account . I am not sure how user groups can be helpful to apply these limitation to every guest user without something similar to Temp Account

1) to limit total upload images to 1000 or any value
2) to limit total storage size to 500mb or any value
3) to limit album count to 5 or any value
4) to limit album image count to 50 or any value
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Chevereto Member
This honestly makes no sense, and like Rodolfo has said, it just adds an extra layer of user to the code, to achieve the same thing we currently have in place working. Simply don't allow guests to upload, and in v4, you have the option to make user groups.

On top, this also adds more work to chevereto by adding more code that doesn't need to be there.


💖 Chevereto Fan
Why do you say it does not make sense?

I have actual data from my other sites that have this feature, and it works.

I am confused when you are referring to user groups. How can I restrict the guest users with the following via user groups?

1) to limit total upload images to 1000 or any value
2) to limit total storage size to 500MB or any value
3) to limit album count to 5 or any value
4) to limit album image count to 50 or any value

And I cannot simply block guest users. Blocking them will lose tons of traffic.

Guest users are the ones who will buy premium later. Also, note this, no one will believe the site at 1st use, and they will hesitate to register as it will be time-consuming.

So offering them a temp account, letting them use it until they reach their limit and allowing them to convert to registered users is the right way to earn good users that will bring money later in time.

Note: I have already implemented a few RFCs for my purpose. If this is rejected, I have nothing to lose as I will reap the benefits of it as I will be unique by adding this feature on my own. The community will lose a great feature I have tasted via other mediums.

Check GoFile.io to know how good the temp account was. Chevereto is already storing the session, as users can get the images uploaded to their account when they register. All we have to do now is let them see what they have uploaded and what album they have created. And admin can create a restriction, and we can do that by applying that restriction to that current session if the session is used for showing the temp account.
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