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Hello, so my hopes for my website, is to use Chevereto as an image sharing and hosting board. A big feature that is important to me is that every user can use ShareX or similar apps, and upload images/screenshots directly to their own account (preferably by default, a pre-made/generated album named ShareX/whatever for said user.).

Myself and several others have been using a different website for these purposes, one that we do not own, however they've been having serious reliability issues, and even data loss; Possibly because they grew too big too fast. After a week of searching, we all decided on this platform, Chevereto, as it seemed to offer the best of all worlds; While the public/guest sharex (or sharex as single user workaround) is nice, we would like to know if there is any workaround like maybe every current user can specify an upload path to our accounts, or to make multi user uploads work.

Anyways, thank you for your time, if nothing can be done, I would in the least like to know if Chevereto 4.0 would support this feature.
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I appreciate your concerns. However, please note that Tech support is for actual system issues and you opened this ticket because of a missing feature. System does what is listed on this page: and anything not mentioned in that list should be considered as not supported.

V4 will feature per-user API, no release date yet.

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