Regarding Chevereto 3.X must have features and Chevereto 4

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Oct 7, 2008
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A few weeks ago I announced Chevereto 3.10.6 and in that announcement, I mentioned that my plan for the future 3.X releases is to add the must-have features and focus on Chevereto 4. Since that post (October 18th) several non-must-have features keep being posted in Requests, Ideas and Suggestion which is bad for me because I'm not being helped in which stuff should I add. Unfortunately, at this time I won't pay attention to these request because I have a major version to work on and I choose to work on that rather than keep working on adding minor stuff.

I do understand that for some is very important to get minor features and to keep asking about small stuff but those requests or suggestions just add noise to this stage of development and that's why I'm closing Requests, Ideas and Suggestion until further notice.

Regarding Chevereto 3.X must-have features, I made this list based on topic views, comments, traction, etc. This list is final and it won't get modifications (please don't insist).

Note: This list doesn't have any particular order.
  • Listing viewer (prev / next viewer)
  • Bulk image importer (folder)
  • Internal comments
  • Upload moderation (need to flag images to be able to show on listings)
Anything else is not a priority for this cycle but I don't discard that I will try to add everything I'm able to (some very minor features included). The focus is Chevereto 4 so please bear with me and help me to get there by not asking for additional stuff.

I hope that everybody understands that I do this to push development of Chevereto 4. Hope that you can understand that and sustain future development.



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Dec 20, 2014
Internal comments and upload moderation is huge for me, especially upload moderation if it does what I think it does it should cut down on spamming.


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Jul 2, 2017
Sounds good to me. Chevereto currently does everything I wanted it to do so I consider anything else added at this point bonus material. Keep up the good work.


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Nov 29, 2017
Internal comments and upload moderation is huge for me, especially upload moderation if it does what I think it does it should cut down on spamming.
When chevereto gets these things.... this is when I become a customer.

This is when I can protect my adsense account by choosing which images have ads displayed etc.


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Feb 23, 2014
are you able to add function that would also spot if some 1 uploads nudity? that way if a illegal pic is uploaded it can be automatically taken down for moderation check. Which I mean if one 1 views album it will show a message that this album is under moderation review. Since it would be great feature so no 1 can upload a forbidden image or so.

That way no one can see image either until mod/admin approves it. But it should not take action if image is non-nude then image will be shown as normal and album too. it's once full nudity appears thats when album gets locked down directly for reviews.


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Dec 16, 2017

I must say thanks a million for including upload moderation in your plans. I think that gives a huge control for any admin to have. It's a MUST and many of chevereto customers will be delighted to see that one little but important future added to the list. I can't wait for that :)...

Thank you, and keep it up the awesome work !!!
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