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Recycle Bin


đź‘˝ Chevereto Freak
Beta tester
I would like to see a Recycle Bin for images that got deleted, that can be temporarily restored.

I think this would be great for the User groups so we can "hire" moderators to help police images, but, an admin can make the final decision and restore something if they disagree with the moderator.

Plus for those who delete things by mistake it'd be nice to undo it. Short cooldown maybe? 24 hours to change mind?


đź‘˝ Chevereto Freak
Beta tester
This would be a nice feature. Because restoring images is very hard. If accidentally deleted images are kept for 30 days before being purged, this gives us option to easily restore them if required.


đź’– Chevereto Fan
+1 for this. And I believe it will be applicable for the deleted images by users using the delete icon and not the images which are getting deleted due to inactivity.