Problem with uploading images (Ukrainian language)

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Good day to all

Please help me with problem. The problem only appears in the browser Firefox.
Please go to the page with my lang settings (Ukrainian)
and press button Upload ("Завантаження"), then click on the image upload.

The problem with this window, after you click on upload icon this window it disappears and is no longer possible to upload image.

With other languages everything is fine, and my native language is a problem

Please help, thanks


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Ukrainian is not yet an official supported language, and I've saw the translation and it has many issues related to placeholders and tag closures. In other words, the translation breaks the website.

Little things like instead of doing %s the translation does % s or it miss the right closure for some tags (for example </a> was being closed as </ a >) and several other issues. I've fixed those issues, you should download the new Ukrainian language file.


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