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PHP Support


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I can't seem to find what versions of PHP Chevereto actually supports.
Is there support for PHP 7 at all?


Oh hello I finally found it https://chevereto.com/docs/requirements

Anyway how about Debian 9 stretch that supports PHP 7.0.33
Will Cheverto be able to run without issues with that?
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Thanks but I don't really want to use any repositories that are not officially supported by Debian.
Why is that? The fact that a linux distro doesn't officially provide a package for a given PHP version doesn't mean that is not safe to run the alleged version. The availability of the version package is for bundling the actual distro, it doesn't mean anything else really. It also doesn't means that the version provided is stable... Is just the package available by default.

You can always make the build in your own as described in the manual, or simply use one of the many Sury packages ;)