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Original filename


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Hi There,

Image Upload Settings: Original

When you try to upload the same files two times with the same name, then it is creating the URL in the below method

1) 1st upload, preserves the original name
2) 2nd upload, is adding random string with the original name (whoever use the same file name in some other images)

So the real purpose is defeated as when someone upload a different image with a common name, it is adding "OriginalName8db0f78e525a38f42.png"

Way Better Solution and So the URL will look clean

We can add an image ID along with the original name before the image extension and so all the URLs will be unique and also have an original filename


File Name: Screenshot_1.jpg

Image Viewer: xxx.co/image/yyy

Full: xxx.co/Screenshot_1.yyy.jpg
Medium: xxx.co/Screenshot_1.yyy.md.jpg
Thumbnail: xxx.co/Screenshot_1.yyy.th.jpg

As you know, more people will use the same word screenshot_1 as like common name and using ID along with real name instead of random numbers is pretty. Anyway we are adding "md" and "th" , adding 5 more letters instead of 10 digits random string is the better choice.
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