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option to select multiple categories!


Chevereto Member

@Rodolfo : Is it anyway possible to allow an user to select multiple categories for a single image while uploading and this images are visible in all the category selected?

There are certain images that can be shown in more than one category. However, we cannot do so now because there is no option to select more than one category.

Also, I wouldn't like to enable duplicate upload just to showcase one image in multiple categories.

I hope you will accept this request and add this feature in future release. :)

Kind Regards,


Chevereto Member
Resurrecting old thread...

Is there a roadmap somewhere? Currently the limitation of a single album or single category per image is too brittle. Images frequently contain more than one person, for example, and tagging (categorizing) the image for each of those people is a common feature.

Just wondering if this is even on the roadmap or if a decision has been made to never support this.


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Chevereto Staff
Is there a roadmap somewhere?
We have a roadmap for 2 releases ahead, which are already announced and where this change is not considered.

Expect updates on content tagging for the upcoming release announcements (4.2 & 4.3).