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Notification on Admin Value Changes


💖 Chevereto Fan
It will be good if we get a notification for the value which are getting updated in the admin along with the last modified date and time.

The notification can be possible via

1) Admin panel notification bar where it will show the updates are available or during maintenance mode
2) Email notification


💖 Chevereto Fan
I don't understand.

Consider a website is having more than 1 admin. And many will work on the site settings. So there is a chance anyone can make mistakes unknowingly.

To my surprise, I never noticed when I changed the value of the upload limit to 2MB per image. I am sure I have never done it when my php.ini are set to 100MB. Not sure how it got altered.

So if there is a last modified date or notification in the header with the last admin activity, will be helpful to see all the admin related activities (review it and correct it)