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Need Tags system.


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Chevereto Member
comment system will appear in v4.0.7.

I think shouldn't be too hard to add a tags function.

just add a few database values😀

Shouldn't need to wait until 4.2 ................


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Chevereto Staff
comment system will appear in v4.0.7.
💅 Added comments tab on images

Comments will be now shown at its own dedicated tab, and you will be capable of selecting "comments" as the first image tab.
You are confused, we already support JavaScript based comments provided by third-parties. What I'm introducing is just a tab, not a comment system.

I think shouldn't be too hard to add a tags function.

just add a few database values😀
The complexity for databases aren't the values, but how you will interact with these at different scales. I've the big problem that your websites never stop growing.

I already developed an commentary system for the v3.20 but i think rodolfo dont want my code :D
I won't drive any hopes into adding a code that I haven't seen, which you aren't showing and that I will be responsible of maintain.