Need Suggestion about redesign website


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Dear all , This is my website and i want to redesign it. So i Need Suggestion about redesign website .
Which CMS is better for this theme. I am very confuse because my current website load time is very poor.
My Question, If i redesign it, can i get well website loading time?

Sorry for spend your valuable time .....



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I wouldn't get too hung up on PageSpeed results, they aren't always correct and Google doesn't lay down the law (plus there are more detailed tools out there). Think of it more like recommendations.

That said, for me your site loads in about 5.5s, which isn't terrible compared to some others i've seen, but it could be better.... You should aim for it to be complete in about 3s or less. A brief look shows that you have way too many requests happening, 97 to be exact on your homepage.

He's a little list of issues you can work on, just related to the resource requests.
> Too many images, a large portion of time is being taken by the amount of images you're requesting.
> Optimize those images. Have you tried services like TinyPNG/TinyJPG to squish down those filesizes?
> You have 8 requests to google fonts, 4 of which appear to be duplicates. Only request what you really need, try to get it down to 2 font requests at most.
> Lots of CSS requests, I'm guessing this is due to plugins? You're loading what looks like 4 icon sets, you shouldn't really need more than 1. A lot of these files aren't minified and would be better off joined into a single css file.
> You might benefit from using cloudflare or a similar service.

Hope that gives you some idea of the direction to go in.