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Moderation of images and remove flaged images


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  1. By previous mail I have came to know that there is no moderations of images.but can i remvoe flaged images from admin side.
  2. If i delete the user the completed images hosted by the user will be deleted or only the user will be deleted
  3. I have enabled the login with social networks, and I have configured the gmail but when the user has registered he is not able to get the email confirmation
  4. Default php mail function was not working


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  1. That's right. This function is currently not available.
  2. Both will be deleted. The user himself, the pictures and albums he uploaded.
  3. The email may have landed in his spam mailbox.
    Also check the following: Dashboard -> Settings -> Users => Require email for social signup set Enabled
  4. I cannot confirm that it works for my installations.


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How to add a feature to approve the user and meanwhile I need the image should be manual approved.