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▶🚶‍Reproduction steps
  1. Take your cell phone
  2. Open your Firefox Browser (version 68.3.0)
  3. go to website: https://clean.pfs.red/image/recycle-1730163-640.O47 or https://demo.chevereto.com/i/recycle-1730163-640.CGL
  4. press button: Embed codes
  5. Scroll down
😢Unexpected result

If you scroll down and are at the bottom of the page, it automatically scrolls up a little so that you can no longer reach the embed codes below.
You example from my phone: https://pfs.red/img/firefox-scroll-down-bug.5Sgq

📃Error log message

no Log

🤔 What it could be

The Embed-Code: Thumbnail image (linked)
The error only occurs in Firefox (Mobile) when a thumbnail link is displayed.
The error does not exist for images where no thumbnail link is displayed.

This problem does not occur in the Chrome browser and Edge.

⚙ Specification of my cell phone
Second test device
  • Huawei Mate 10 Lite
  • Android 8.0.0
  • Firefox 68.3.0 (fresh install)
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