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Make album/categories selection drop down searchable


👽 Chevereto Freak
💡Describe your Feature request

If large number of sub albums are there, it is hard to select the right one while moving images to other subalbum from an album. Specially when subalbums are currently unsearchable. i.e. if I start typing name of subalbum, it won't get selected in drop down list, only the albums can be searched.

👏Where did you saw this?

It would be great if drop downs like these, such as categories and albums can have a search option in drop down.
An example of such searchable drop down selector is this:

It will allow everyone to search albums/sub-albums/categories, if there are too many of them.
Or, if we can just make sub-albums searchable when we type text in these selection forms, it would also solve this issue.

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👽 Chevereto Freak
It would be great if it is added to any upcoming version while UI is being worked on. It will be really handy in case there are large number of albums/categories to choose from in upload form.
Not demanding, just requesting a feature suggestion that can be useful. Speaking from personal experience; as, I currently have over 200+ albums on my website, it is often a hassle to choose album from the list because sub-albums are not searchable using keyboard.


⭐ Chevereto Godlike
Chevereto Staff
I opened another RFC regarding the same (mentioning only albums). I believe that this one is better as it includes categories.