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Oct 7, 2008
Chevereto HQ
Hey there,

Chevereto has become a large project, and while I spent all my work hours in it, is still not enough to cover all the needs of the software as-is so I'm writing this to ask help. Anyone can be part of this project and help during the transformation process that is already happening: Chevereto is moving towards Open Source. This move is about keeping the project grow and ensure that Chevereto will be a permanent asset when it comes to self-hosted media related sharing as anyone will be capable of adding new stuff to it.

The goals of the Chevereto project for the near future include the complete transformation to Open Source, release of a new framework and a complete rebuild the entire code base. All of this is a lot of work, and I'm willing to do most of it entirely, but a project like this is not just bits and bytes, it also needs the social layer where the users of the software provides the feedback that keeps the wheel rolling and is precisely where Chevereto needs more help.

I'm looking for collaborators willing to help in different sections or areas of the Chevereto project. At this time, I'm looking for help with the community, our Discord and the code itself.

Community support

We need more moderation. Server and tech knowledge are required to instruct posters in the process of asking for support. The main problem in this section is people asking without providing useful information needed to identify the issue or its cause.

You can help others and drive them in the right direction. You can also test your knowledge and experience of how it is to deal with software support.

Bug reports

We need moderation and bug testers. Server and tech knowledge are required to replicate the reported issues and confirm or discard the bugs. The main problem of this section are posts lacking details needed to replicate the alleged issues.

Moderators of this section have to determinate if the reported bug is reproducible so patches can be shipped faster.


We need help regarding the slow response times provided via Discord. The main problem here is the slow response times for something that it is supposed to be instant.

We need help answering concerns of all kinds and forward these to the appropriate section or instructions. The most required now are those concerned with Community support and server assistance.


I'm writing a new framework that will power the next-gen Chevereto. A framework highly focused on the creation of modern extensible web applications. The goal is to offer a headless system that makes the app creation and extending easier and faster than before.

This framework is Open Source, and it can be used to create completely different web applications.

For this, I need help with code revision and testing. You can check the code repository here:

How to apply?

If you want to help, awesome! Send me an email to telling me how you want to help explaining your thoughts, ideas, experience, and knowledge.

Hope you want to help!