just uploaded vertically long image, displays not well :/

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Apr 14, 2018
thumbnail broken: https://demo.chevereto.com/k12
(and it should cut out with wavey line like 9gag does since it's too long for thumbnail page)

not zoomed readably at all, when click on it: https://i.gyazo.com/94784b3ccec6302866014d8f71b36d7f.png

click once more then finally displays fine with scrolling bar: https://gyazo.com/ab211bc1bd9d71504aa0b3dc0a0722f5

was quite shocked seeing this error coz I know chevereto already has long years of history in image hosting script industry.

I will buy if these issues fixed nicely.

telegram: BankingWolf

Let me know


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Feb 27, 2017
It's not a fault, it's just how the demo is set-up with scaling. You can adjust these sort of things in the admin dashboard depending on how you want it. In the demo I would guess that the height of a median image has been set to 500px. For images with normal dimensions that would be fine. Howerver your image has a height of 11032 px (!) and the width only 700 px. So for median images if you scale it to a height of 500px then width will be only 32px. Show a 32px wide image as a thumbnail which is 160px wide then it will appear blurred.

How you set it is up to you, everyone has different requirements and you can adjust it accordingly.

Your image and the thumbnail looks fine in my Chevereto as I have it setup slightly differently:



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Apr 14, 2018
do you understand what I'm saying about 9gag how they deal with vertically long images in the thumbnail page?
vertically long images should be cut in certain height and still should show clear (not blurred) in the thumbnail page.

what's the point if the vertically long image displays in full height in the thumbnail page?
then it will disrupt a lot coz

1. cannot show other images thumbnail since it occupies too much space in thumbnail page
2. thumbnail size is not original pic size so people have to click it anyway to see it and read it thoroughly

that's why 9gag implemented wavey cut and that's what I'm talking about, not just about blurred thingy.