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Increase the number of links shown on the embed tabs of an album


Chevereto Member
Basically what the title says! It only shows up to 1,000 links of the album - would like it to show more or the full album!
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Chevereto Member
Forgot to post on how I achieved what I wanted.

Edit /app/routes/route.json.php and change the number "2000" to the number of images you'd like.

                if ($doing == 'get-album-contents') {
                    $album_fetch = min(2000, $album['image_count']);
                    $list_params = [
                        'items_per_page' => $album_fetch,
                        'page' => 0,
                        'limit' => $album_fetch,
                        'offset' => 0,
                        'sort' => ['date', 'desc'],

Though, be warned that it slows down your browser quite a lot if you increase it too much.